Brandon Jordan Pics

Brandon Jordan AKA Grizz• Toronto• Artist• TRILL •Famous Nobody•Print Gods Owner• Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter• All images © 2009-2014 Brandon Jordan

» PRINTS by Brandon Jordan are now Available.


I have recently added a ‘Prints’ link to my tumblr accessible via web. There you will find information about how to order High Quality prints from me.

To kick off the sale of prints I am making ALL photos on available for order. This will last for a limited…

1 more day!! to order whatever photos you want from … Thanks to those who’ve placed your orders already… I’m excited to send these out!

djdannied122 asked: Can you start selling those exclusive single pictures again? pw: dopeshit

mitchelldianna asked: I noticed you photograph petite women rather than thicker ones, is that because you favor one over the other?

That’s just how it works. I guess my first couple shoots were with petite models n it kinda snowballed. N a lot of the thicker ‘models’ in the city are on that vixen shit (ratchet shit) lol… & far as these pics are concerned i’m not a fan of ratchet. Thick Miami models for example are waaaaaay different than our thick Toronto models.