Brandon Jordan Pics

Brandon Jordan AKA Grizz• Toronto• Artist• TRILL •Famous Nobody•Print Gods Owner• Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter• All images © 2009-2014 Brandon Jordan

Lost somebody near and dear to me very recently… Haven’t been in the mood for the social media business but I’m still out here shooting tho… Art is my therapy. Rip Granny #fuckcancer
FALL PRINT SALE x Brandon Jordan Pics

Brandon Jordan Pics

After launching a print campaign to start the summer and receiving a strong response I am now making every photo on My blog available to be ordered for the second time. This will be for a limited time only (Hopefully the people who have sent me inquiries after the last sale aren’t sleepin).

- Worldwide shipping

- Printed on 8x12 Fujifilm photo paper

- Only printing 1 or 2 of each photo, so order your favorite photo before it’s unavailable.


Email me with the link of the photo(s) (or a screen shot) and your address. Money transfers accepted via paypal @

1 Print= $15

2 Prints= $26

3 Prints= $36


I’d like to thank everybody who showed support and grabbed some prints first time around. It was my first time making prints available and the response I received was great. There was a learning curve in regards to organizing print orders and then preparing the completed orders to be shipped. I sincerely thank everyone who patiently waited for you your Brandon Jordan Pics to arrive. I’ve been able to learn from the first round of orders and have made adjustments to optimize the shipping process and will have future orders shipped within 2 weeks of the order placement. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: how do feel about niggas jacking your style?

I’ll probably never get the recognition i deserve for my contribution to this wave. Niggaz wont pay any homage these days n still try n run a track meet with my style. Bite my whole shit n act like they never heard of me lol smfh.

mikedunn asked: Kick ass work. #respect


yung-muneca asked: Id lovelovelooove to be shot by you some day, you really make me want to get into photography again and seriously love the art work so much in your photos it inspires me to become a model.

LOL do itttt. Im sure you live in the same area as at least 1 of these photographers lookin for some dope girls.

jackscoresby asked: Just discovered your work today, already a huge fan. Really enjoy your art.


mental-vandalism asked: First off AWESOME job with the blog and photos dope ass hell, and how do you get ideas for what to capture like do you tell the models "okay do this and this and make this face" or do you say something broad like "be natural"

A fine balance between both of those things. The themes for all my shoots is being natural & the rest of what i say is tailored to the models skill level and evironment.