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Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter
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Brandon Jordan x Brenda
Shall we not revenge?
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Brandon Jordan x Brenda
Sleep Doe
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Crop tops?… On Niggaz???

Nahhh son, tumblr y’all gotta chillll.

bigdasin702 asked: the video was dope bro much respect


marvelously-chaotic asked: Your work is too dope, much respect bro. 🙌


desmasaldana asked: Do you only shoot nude girls with tattoos?

Yeeeeeeuuuuuuupppppppp! - Dave Hester voice*

lol I answered this the other day.

Anonymous asked: MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!! There dope AS FUCK

Respect. Coming soon. Gonna direct a few short films this summer as well… I’m hating chopping these random video clips up of bts footage so it has inspired me to a couple vids with a little more direction, but I’m gonna keep up with the bts footy as well.