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Brandon Jordan AKA Grizz• Toronto• Artist• TRILL •Famous Nobody•Print Gods Owner• Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter• All images © 2009-2014 Brandon Jordan

Anonymous asked: how do feel about niggas jacking your style?

I’ll probably never get the recognition i deserve for my contribution to this wave. Niggaz wont pay any homage these days n still try n run a track meet with my style. Bite my whole shit n act like they never heard of me lol smfh.

mikedunn asked: Kick ass work. #respect


yung-muneca asked: Id lovelovelooove to be shot by you some day, you really make me want to get into photography again and seriously love the art work so much in your photos it inspires me to become a model.

LOL do itttt. Im sure you live in the same area as at least 1 of these photographers lookin for some dope girls.

jackscoresby asked: Just discovered your work today, already a huge fan. Really enjoy your art.


mental-vandalism asked: First off AWESOME job with the blog and photos dope ass hell, and how do you get ideas for what to capture like do you tell the models "okay do this and this and make this face" or do you say something broad like "be natural"

A fine balance between both of those things. The themes for all my shoots is being natural & the rest of what i say is tailored to the models skill level and evironment.

hopethalionheart asked: First of all mad respect. Secondly I'm a young photographer trying to learn how to add my source/copyright my pictures that I post so they stay mine. Any tips man?

Those are 2 different things really. The source part would just be filling out the source area when your uploading your photo. Tumblr has changes recently to display the source a lot more which is dope. All photographers need to brush up on their copyright laws…. As the photo taker, you automatically become the copyright owner of the content. You don’t have to go through any further means to obtaining a copyright. Displaying a copyright message on your site or photo doesn’t truly effect your rights as the owner. The copyright owner has a list of rights in regards to publishing work and restricting some other types of publications. There’s a lot to be interpreted from the copyright act for artists and photographers. You’re the copyright owner of every photo you’ve taken with your DSLR or phone and you can take some actions to protect your work. Knowing copyright info is important for the model-photographer relationship as well. Both should know their rights. photographers own the copyright… period. So when other photographers ask me about what to do when models change their minds n want the pics taken down cuz their boyfriend doesnt like it.. I tell em that cuz i’m an asshole and cuz i put my art first first that I don’t take pics down.. & as the copyright owner, legally I don’t have to. You don’t need a release form to get permission to display the art that they signed up for. Release forms are for if the images are being used to advertise generally…  So don’t let the models who didn’t consider their boyfriends feelings prior to the shoot waste ur time. You got 3 years to act on somebody legally who’s intruding on your copyright.. i know a couple ppl thinkin they’re safe using my shit right now smh.

hauswives asked: you are incredibly talented. i'm a fan!

Means A lot.

mxsterminds asked: Wassup Brandon I'm a photographer in Miami and I was wondering how do you get your models to pose nude for your shoots, I've been wanting to do a nude shoot for the longest. and btw your work is amazing pimp.

It just worked out for me personally. If I had initially been putting out this “NUDE” energy I prolly would have scared everyone off. I just kept shooting working to develop my style and the nude part came about organically and stuck. IF you got a little skill you gotta be able to find 1 art model- even on model mayhem. Learn the way to capture the female body in flattering ways.. You gotta prove that after they trust you… ur not going to take the most unappealing pics of all time or be a big perv. I can present them my vision without having to do any convincing now. But filtering out models ok with posing nude on Model Mayhem is a good place to start to.