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Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter
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Anonymous asked: Which girl are you with? Looks like you and Icky C have something personal...just saying

lolll don’t let that track fool you. I kinda knew that was gonna happen. lol I’d much rather have used some trap shit but she was bein pretty graceful that day I guess X white boy in the durag n fubu on worldstar, Spooky Black. Don’t read into it.

Brandon Jordon x Brenda
Giggles, The side effects 
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shakeyourmoney-maker asked: Your work is magnificent, sir. Your models are absolutely stunning, they're lucky to be working with you & vice-versa. Y'all make some magic 👌

Thank you. We all appreciate the it.

babymilksnake asked: the only person id let photograph me i respect you

lol then say cheese

sirhxrveyfvnches asked: You a real ass nigga bro. Respect.


s0surreal asked: I fucking love your work bruh

Thank you