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Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter
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Crop tops?… On Niggaz???

Nahhh son, tumblr y’all gotta chillll.

bigdasin702 asked: the video was dope bro much respect


marvelously-chaotic asked: Your work is too dope, much respect bro. 🙌


desmasaldana asked: Do you only shoot nude girls with tattoos?

Yeeeeeeuuuuuuupppppppp! - Dave Hester voice*

lol I answered this the other day.

Anonymous asked: MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!! There dope AS FUCK

Respect. Coming soon. Gonna direct a few short films this summer as well… I’m hating chopping these random video clips up of bts footage so it has inspired me to a couple vids with a little more direction, but I’m gonna keep up with the bts footy as well.

asmallplaceinhell asked: Great use of "Yay Yay"

Dopeboy Shit

Hoody almost fits now.. #molly #wakenbake
Anonymous asked: There's no copyright on tumblr you dumbass😂

…. Ic, so go ahead an explain to me why I have the option as the copyright holder (made available by tumblr) to report any infringements and have them removed or have the source changed?… I’ll wait. This clown thinks tumblr is a sanctuary- different from any other part of the internet- where fuckboys like him that have no original content can steal shit and think it’s alright- wild… This what happens when retards flex, keep using anon 😕.

It seems like every clown with a tattoo blog enjoys reposting my pics. I can’t understand why copyright infringing is the road chosen over simply clicking reblog… Toast to the content creators.