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swankjezus asked: Did you major in photography?

Never taken a photography course in my lifee.

payhomage asked: You got bitchesssss, lol I know theres gotta be extra perks with all the pictures taken

Just Pay Homage like ur name say bruh, lol that’s all im askin.

eloquentbones asked: bought my first dslr in december - t3i with the kit 18-55mm lens. been taking a lot of photos; getting shots around the city of people and places, but feel like i'm close to getting the most i can out of my setup. if you were me, what would you add to your setup next?

If I were you there’d probably be 2 options far as which way i’d go next. It kinda depends on what your shooting and how much money you’d like to spend. If you got the gwop then buying a flash would be next for me if I were wanting to do some more portraiture. But if not another cool and inexpensive purchase is a Fixed 50mm lens that’ll help you get more of an understanding about manipulating aperture/ depth of field. One of those 2 things I think would be the advise from most seasoned photo takers.

roguebro asked: Pretty much just went through your whole blog. Great work, man. Your style is very unique and yours. Your photos feel good. Now I feel like I need to get the 20d and ultra wide out and get off my ass and make some photos.

Blow the dust of that cam bruh.

trinityiv asked: You work is amazing 👌 and the girls are lookin bomb😍

We appreciate it.

shawtyget-bizzy asked: Looovvvveeee your work! You're extremely talented... Hopefully you come to Chicago one day...I would LOVE to be shot by you! #AGirlCanDream 💜💜💜

Thank you. Don’t Sleep!