Brandon Jordan Pics

Brandon Jordan AKA Grizz• Toronto• Artist• TRILL •Famous Nobody•Print Gods Owner• Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter• All images © 2009-2014 Brandon Jordan

asmallplaceinhell asked: Any 5 women you could work with, living or dead??

Rhianna, Omahyra Mota, Brittany Dailey, Adrianne Ho, & Stacy Dash. 5 names off top… that list is deeep.

robsparkman asked: What lens do you use for your shots? I tend to stick to a 50

I’ve got a 50- I actually broke it. But I rarely used it anyhow. For the price and aperture you can get some dope depth out of shots. But I’ve always liked to shoot with a High F Stop, so it made more sense to use my 18-135.  I stopped being a fan of my pics with completely blurred backgrounds a couple years ago, just out of personal preference. I like photos where the model is in focus & all the details in the background help to build the image- rather than a totally blurred background at like f/2.

Anonymous asked: Would you pose naked for a female photographer like yourself?

NAH. Barely ever got my photo taken… I don’t really trust any1 to make me look as dope as I’d make them look.

Anonymous asked: Dope photography dude,I'm a music prod. from the DMV, got any tips on expanding a brand/getting stuff out to people?

I wish. I’m trying to weather that storm right now. How some people are able to garner the attention that they do bewilders everyday. so far my only plan is… being dope as I can & producing that #dopeshit at any means necessary. That + consistency are the only tips i’ve really got.

gu-wap asked: Who was your first model and how did you approach her?

Ah man. I think it was kacysuicide…. She was working in the mall in Lethbridge, Alberta & had a fresh foot tat so her whole foot was swollen n shit. I made some small talk about that and some of her other tats & suggested she try out being a suicide girl. To which she said she was already (a hopeful at the time) & I told her I was a photographer… she didn’t really take me serious which is why she only gave me her facebook lol. She didn’t show me any love for like another 6 months.. all of which I spent learning and trying to prove myself… I shot a lot of landscape stuff over that summer and she finally saw some potential in me- enough to hit me back up wanting to shoot. We shot a few times around the city and at my house- some just for fun & others was suicide girl content. & becuz suicide girls require some nudity she was open with me from the rip & she’s a big part of the reason for what you see here today. Those sessions helped me learn a lot and she was 1 of the first to free the nip. I haven’t shot her in years, and since she’s become 1 of the baddddest suicide girls… next time we get together… we’re shooting for like a week straight. I miss her terribly.

But considering this was about 4-5 years ago, things have changed significantly with social media- and I’m not sure if I would have approached her that day if IG was what it is today… But anyhow.. If you’ve read this and want me to post some OG Brandon Jordan x Kacy pics then like this. 25 likes at least and I’ll know some of yall are interested.

dopemeetsswag asked: Son, youre work so legit I'm thinking about flying my girl out just to be shot. Trust.

You a real nigga.

onlysmizzy asked: keep doing what your doing, period!


iluvbrnskin asked: Not sure if you've been asked what I'm about to ask you, if yes my apology. My question is; do you ask all the girls you shoot to light "one" up or most of them just happen to smoke ? Better yet, is it the concept/theme of the shoot ?

Nah, smoking has never been the concept or theme of a shoot per say. I never ask them to smoke… I’m usually smoking and I’ll ask if they smoke… and if they do, dope & I pass it- and if not, I face it & we keep it moving. I guess most of them just happen to smoke… I’ve always liked taking pics of smoke. Now I take pic of someone smoking like once a week when I could prolly do it a couple times a day realistically.