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Brandon Jordan AKA Grizz• Toronto• Artist• TRILL •Famous Nobody•Print Gods Owner• Yall Respect who gets shot... I respect the shooter• All images © 2009-2014 Brandon Jordan

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I have recently added a ‘Prints’ link to my tumblr accessible via web. There you will find information about how to order High Quality prints from me.

To kick off the sale of prints I am making ALL photos on available for order. This will last for a limited…

1 more day!! to order whatever photos you want from … Thanks to those who’ve placed your orders already… I’m excited to send these out!

djdannied122 asked: Can you start selling those exclusive single pictures again? pw: dopeshit

mitchelldianna asked: I noticed you photograph petite women rather than thicker ones, is that because you favor one over the other?

That’s just how it works. I guess my first couple shoots were with petite models n it kinda snowballed. N a lot of the thicker ‘models’ in the city are on that vixen shit (ratchet shit) lol… & far as these pics are concerned i’m not a fan of ratchet. Thick Miami models for example are waaaaaay different than our thick Toronto models.

backstreet-abortions asked: Got any editing tips or tricks?

I use Photoshop exclusively and have for a while. I was never a fan of batch editing in Lightroom becuz for me the lighting and settings between shots changes very frequently and to group edit photos didn’t do them justice I felt. There are ways to integrate some of the better features from Lightroom into your editing process, but I know how to do everything that Lightroom offers in CS6. So i suggest learning photoshop and using the tonnes of tutorials available online until you find a style you’re comfortable with, like I did. If you’re doing portraiture… Don’t do too much. Over editing is an eye sore for me personally, whether it be an airbrush technique or an hdr effect. trial and error is the best way, I learn something everytime I open photoshop and my ideals of what’s appealing as an editing style changes very frequently as well. I feel like in most photographers early days we tend to do too much editing and as you grow wiser you refine your edit game… & use shadow and highlight adjustments sparingly with portraiture cuz I used to think that made em look hdr.. terrrrible for portraiture in retrospect, Especially if you’re after that ‘clean’ look .

asmallplaceinhell asked: Any 5 women you could work with, living or dead??

Rhianna, Omahyra Mota, Brittany Dailey, Adrianne Ho, & Stacy Dash. 5 names off top… that list is deeep.

robsparkman asked: What lens do you use for your shots? I tend to stick to a 50

I’ve got a 50- I actually broke it. But I rarely used it anyhow. For the price and aperture you can get some dope depth out of shots. But I’ve always liked to shoot with a High F Stop, so it made more sense to use my 18-135.  I stopped being a fan of my pics with completely blurred backgrounds a couple years ago, just out of personal preference. I like photos where the model is in focus & all the details in the background help to build the image- rather than a totally blurred background at like f/2.

Anonymous asked: Would you pose naked for a female photographer like yourself?

NAH. Barely ever got my photo taken… I don’t really trust any1 to make me look as dope as I’d make them look.

Anonymous asked: Dope photography dude,I'm a music prod. from the DMV, got any tips on expanding a brand/getting stuff out to people?

I wish. I’m trying to weather that storm right now. How some people are able to garner the attention that they do bewilders everyday. so far my only plan is… being dope as I can & producing that #dopeshit at any means necessary. That + consistency are the only tips i’ve really got.